Our Services

Our offer of services is set in a way to meet the needs of every passenger that is looking for some kind of personal transport. In order to introduce our services better, below is a detailed list of the transport types that we specialize in. 

Circuits around Europe

This transport type is used primarily by the clients travelling to Europe from America or Asia. Within a few days, we will visit the most interesting landmarks and places that Europe offers. You will know the list of destinations we are planning to visit in advance, so that you know what to look forward to. Circuits around Europe usually last approximately twelve days, however it’s also possible to agree on a longer or shorter plan in accordance with your individual options.

Airport Transfers

Our professional driver will pick you up at the airport or a bus or train station and drive you safely to your hotel or the other way. Most of our transfers take place only in town, but of course, you can also agree with us on individual transportation to an airport close to Prague, Munich or Vienna. Transfers can be also used in case of congresses and other events.

Car Rental with a Driver

If you need to rent a car on the go and don’t want to drive it for any reason, go for our service of car rental with a driver. The service is valid for both the time and number of miles agreed in advance, within which the driver will take you anywhere you wish to.

Transportation of Theater Groups and Music Bands

Within our services, we also carry out different tours with theater groups or music bands. At a predetermined location, such as a theater or rehearsal room, we will pick up all the members, take them to the performance venue and after its end, we will drive them back. This work usually takes a whole afternoon or evening, however it depends on the specific location of the event and its distance from the starting point.

Services for Companies

Are you planning a big event outside the headquarters of your company? We will secure a comfortable transport of your employees to different congresses, trade fairs or teambuilding and other events. We have sufficient capacity for small, medium and even big companies, so you don’t have to worry that there won’t be any space left for some of your employees.