Who we are?

The Czech transport company Daniel’s bus has been operating on the market since 2015, when we began to run irregular bus lines with the capacity of nine people, connecting Denmark and Czechia. Back then, we focused primarily on Czechs living in Denmark and especially on students that were studying at local universities. These people needed our services in order to visit their families in Czechia and then head back to Denmark once again. 

Since then, our company has expanded significantly, and so it doesn’t provide transportation only within these two countries, but across the whole Europe. This progress has been manifested in our team as well - it consists exclusively of experienced drivers. The selection of employees is a key for us, that’s why we always check each applicant thoroughly and only then will we accept them into our team. Because only then can we provide security and maximum comfort to our clients when travelling, and also guarantee reliability and punctuality of each driver. Nas_ridic

Travelling with our company will bring you many benefits. Professional drivers will take care of your security, because they pay close attention to the traffic on the read and will do anything to get you to the final destination on time and therefore, you won’t be late for any of your planned activities. During the journey, you are able to relax, observe the surroundings, converse with other passengers, plan the places you will visit or take care of work matters, so you are able to dedicate your time to your family, after you arrive.

Satisfied customers are an absolute priority for us, that’s why we try our best to meet the needs of every one of them. We believe that only this way are we able to provide a truly professional service and therefore, secure your maximum satisfaction. Our services will come in handy in case of various occasions, whether you’re looking for a reliable transport from the hotel to the airport, want to visit interesting places in Europe or need to transport yourself and your colleagues to a company congress.